Trillium Fancy Mice maintains accurate lineage on every mouse we produce. Our available mice are accompanied by their pedigrees. These documents are helpful to other breeders who are looking for certain features to introduce to their existing lines, as well as to those starting out.

Seal point Siamese doe

Pointed Mice

Our primary focus is on Siamese mice. Marked with shading and points just like Siamese cats, these beautiful animals have light bodies and dark muzzles, ears, feet, and tails. Delicate shading connects the points to the lighter body color.

We produce seal point (shown), blue point, Siamese sable (NMC Burmese), and blue Siamese sable (NMC blue Burmese).

Black self doe


Our mousery also produces black eyed self mice. Selfs are one solid color, with no markings or patterns. The colors we work with are black and blue. From time to time we also see chocolate in the nest.

We breed with our selfs with our siamese, but we also maintain a pure line of black selfs imported from The Netherlands. These imported mice are discussed below.


An odd wrinkled baby was born here in 2019. He turned out to be frizzled (FMBA fuzzy), which is a recessive gene that produces a soft, short, curly coat similar to soft Velcro. This variety was recently standardized in AFRMA so they can now be shown in the regular classes.

Imported Netherlands

We began working with mice imported to the US from The Netherlands in 2021. Their depth of color is unbelievable, and needs to be seen to be fully appropriated.

Some of these beautiful mice have been outcrossed to our pointed line, but we have also established a pure line of black selfs with few to no recessives.

Standard, Satin, and Frizzled

Our Siamese and self mice are bred in standard (non shiny), satin (shiny), and frizzled (short, plush) coats.