2020 April

These five-week old mice are sisters. We are excited with two dark girls, because they are the first siamese sable we have produced! As they mature, their points will darken to almost black while their body color will remain brown.

2020 January

One of our Siamese mice was awarded BIS at the 2020 January AFRMA show!

Best in Show, Best Standard, Best AOCP, Best AOCP in Show. TRIL0062-2 is a 9w5d Seal Point Siamese, owned and bred by Linda von Hanneken, Trillium Fancy Mice. Photo ©2020 Karen Robbins.

Other highlights from this show…

2019 November

We attended the 2019 November AFRMA show, and returned with ribbons!
Our photo submission, “Safe and Sound”, was voted Best Adult Photo, and won 1st Place in the art contest!

A few of the other highlights at the show were when a young Trillium blue point Siamese doe was Best Kitten, and when one of our black self bucks was Best Progeny – Get of Sire.

2019 October

We have our first blue point Siamese mice!

Young blue point Siamese buck.

We developed these mice from an outcross of two true-breeding lines (Siamese x English self), and then an inbreeding of the resulting litter.

This is our five week old buckling. As he ages his soft subtle points will deepen. His points won’t be fully developed for another 11 weeks.